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Kymco  GrandVista 250  Scooter Engine Specifications

Make Kymco Model GrandVista 250
Year 2009 Engine 4-stroke, SOHC
Displacement Cubic Inches 15 Displacement CC 249
Bore x Stroke 72.7x60mm
2009 Kymco GrandVista 250



Motorcycle Engines - Definations Explained

Displacement: Displacement is the volume displaced in the cylinders of an engine as the pistons move from their bottom position (BDC) to their highest position in the cylinders (TDC). Displacement is measured in either cubic centimeters or cubic inches.

Bore and Stroke: Bore is the diameter of the cylinder inwhich the piston moves up and down. Stroke is the total distance that the piston moves up and down inside the cylinder.


2009 Kymco GrandVista 250 Scooter Specifications


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